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Mosquito Squad of Augusta Barrier Control

Mosquitoes really aren’t just nuisances, they’re one of the leading causes of disease around the world. While not all mosquitoes are potentially harmful, there’s no reason to take a chance for you or your family. The Mosquito Squad of Augusta recognizes the dangers, which is why we’ve developed effective treatments for the homes we serve. If you’re looking to control and prevent the bug population around your property, here’s how our treatments can help you do it.

Up to 90% Reduction

The traditional barrier spray is our most popular treatment, and for good reason. Your yard can see up a 90% reduction in the total amount of mosquitoes with protection lasting for 21 days. The treatment will kill the adults on contact and then continue controlling the population as the weeks go by.

All Natural Protection Option

If you’re looking for something a little gentler, we also offer an all-natural barrier spray which is made of essential oils, and will still eliminate about 75% of your mosquito population. This will need a reapplication every 14 days as opposed to the traditional spray which generally lasts longer.

Say Goodbye to Ticks

Lyme disease is serious and unfortunately can be deadly. For the many deer that live in this area and the ticks who feed off them, we recommend this treatment for every property owner. Our tick control combines both the barrier spray to kill the adults and tick tubes to eliminate the young. These tubes are placed on the major areas of your property, twice a season.

Automatic Spray

To protect your home completely, Mosquito Squad actually has a misting system that can be used all season long. It delivers a spritz automatically between 2 and 4 times a day when mosquitoes are most likely to be out and about. The spray lasts for 30 seconds and requires little to no maintenance from you.

Special Events

Nothing spoils an outdoor event like having to constantly slap away bugs. If you’re just looking for a one-time treatment, we can ensure your barbecue, wedding or family reunion stays safe from bugs.

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* Tick control not available in MI without a license