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Evans GA mosquito control

We’re all familiar with it — that high-pitched whizzing sound of a mosquito buzzing by your ear. Constant smacking yourself when you notice one on you. The itchy bites that come with these annoying little bugs. Yeah, mosquitoes are annoying, that’s for sure. But what’s worse than the annoyance? The fact that they’re literally the most prolific killer of all time. You read that right. Mosquitoes are carriers for so many different diseases it’s hard to count. The CDC released a report in May 2018 stating that diseases from mosquitoes and ticks more than tripled since 2004, and there’s no indication that rate is slowing down.

By now you know that citronella candles don’t really work, and the tiki torches you have are nice decor but useless on mosquitoes. And bug spray? Do you really want to have to slather that stinky stuff on all the time? Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment is your best Evans GA mosquito control option for keeping your self and your family safe from mosquito-borne illnesses. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about the annoying buzzing and swatting that come with these little bugs. We guarantee nearly 90% reduction in mosquitoes in your yard for three weeks straight or your money back.

How our Evans GA mosquito control works

You’re probably thinking, “What kind of sorcery is this? How can Mosquito Squad guarantee that kind of effectiveness for that long?” Well, it’s not “sorcery,” but rather science and expert methodology. When our technicians arrive at your house, we first eliminate and treat any standing water and other mosquito-breeding sites with larvicide, which automatically eliminates any larvae and stops eggs from ever hatching, which is a key part of halting the life cycle of mosquitoes in your yard. Then, we “get down to business,” distributing our specially-formulated, EPA-registered barrier treatment. There’s a method to the order in which we apply the treatment, essentially working from the perimeter inward, but don’t worry — we avoid flowers and other things that bees like to pollinate. You may even think we look like Ghostbusters, and that’s OK — our technicians are highly-trained and licensed, and we treat safety as a priority. It generally takes about 20 minutes to do a thorough application of our treatment on an average-sized yard, and we cover everything (aside from the aforementioned bee-friendly plants) from trees, bushes, leaves, woodpiles, lawn ornaments, even your deck and below it.

Our Evans GA mosquito control treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact, but after it dries (about 30 minutes) is where the so-called “magic” happens. Our “secret sauce,” so to speak, is the micro encapsulation. Because of its molecular makeup, it slowly keeps releasing the active mosquito-eliminating chemicals. Our treatment adheres to everything it was applied to, but don’t worry, it’s odorless and colorless, so you won’t even notice it’s there. But you’ll know it’s working when you don’t notice any mosquitoes! Any time a mosquito even lands on anything in your yard that has our treatment, it’s eliminated shortly afterward. And yes, our treatment really lasts for 21 days at a time.

After those three weeks, we advise re-treating your property. For season-long protection and worry-free summers, we offer seasonal plans, so you don’t even need to remember to reschedule it with us. We’ll always call a day in advance and remind you that we’re coming but you don’t need to be home when we do — we’ll leave a confirmation of service on your door.

Don’t let bugs ruin the fun at your event!

Are you planning a party outdoors this year? A wedding, graduation party, or even a family reunion? Make sure your guests aren’t on the mosquito menu with one of our special event services. We’ll come out to the site of the occasion one to three days in advance and treat the entire area with our barrier treatment. It only takes us about 20 minutes to administer the treatment, and 30 minutes to dry, so it’s easy to schedule around caterers, tent setup, and other event preparation. We’ll be there and gone before you know it, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your guests won’t be swatting and smacking themselves during your event, let alone leaving early.

The power is in your hands with our automatic misting systems

If you’d like the heaviest-duty Evans GA mosquito control possible, check out our misting systems. These are programmed to go off at designated intervals for about 45 seconds at a time, and also include a remote control and app so you have the power to trigger it at the push of a button should you desire. If you live near the water or a heavily-wooded area, we highly recommend misting systems. Installation is very easy for our technicians, the misters will be as “camouflaged” as possible, and the best part is that all refills and other maintenance is handled by Mosquito Squad, so the only finger you need to lift is the one for the button on the remote to release the mist. It’s a true “set it and forget it” solution!

Our all-natural barrier treatment alternative

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, but we know that some people still prefer to be as “green” as possible, which is why we developed and offer an all-natural barrier treatment. This formula is made primarily with essential oils, and it’s not an eliminator, but a repellant that “chases” bugs away from your property. Most customers notice a reduction in yard pests by up to 80%. Also time-released, we recommend re-application of our all-natural formula every two weeks instead of three, since its botanical makeup breaks down slightly faster than the traditional barrier treatment.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

We firmly stand behind and believe in all of our products and services, but if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Which is why we’ll either apply an additional treatment to your yard or offer your money back — no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so we’ll do whatever it takes!

Take back your yard this summer while protecting your loved ones from itchy bites and dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Contact Mosquito Squad of Augusta today for worry-free Evans GA mosquito control all summer long. Give us a call at 706-922-9675 or fill out

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