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We don’t really need to tell you that mosquitoes are annoying. You know that. But did you have any idea how dangerous they are? So dangerous, in fact, that they’re literally considered deadliest animal in the world, because of all the diseases they can carry.

While West Nile virus is the most common mosquito-borne disease in the United States, there are actually 28 different types of mosquitoes in our area, 26 of which carry diseases. In May 2018, the Centers of Disease Control reported that bug-borne diseases more than tripled since 2004, which doesn’t just include illnesses spread by mosquitoes, but ticks and fleas, too.

Mosquito Squad of Augusta knows the dangers of mosquito-borne illnesses extremely well. In fact, protecting people from these deadly insects is the reason we created the category of private mosquito control companies. It’s our top priority to provide the very best Martinez GA mosquito control to both you and your loved ones, two legged and four. Not only are we the pioneers in mosquito and tick control, but we’re also trailblazers. Since our foundation, we’ve been constantly developing our products and services to help homeowners enjoy their yards without the worries contracting a potentially dangerous disease from tiny but dangerous insects.

You’ve probably figured out by now that citronella candles and tiki torches have very limited effectiveness, as with mosquito spray. There is a better way for your Martinez GA mosquito control, and that’s with Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment. We guarantee nearly 90% fewer mosquitoes on your property for three weeks at a time or your money back.

Long-lasting, time-released Martinez GA mosquito control

Mosquito Squad’s specially-developed, EPA-registerd formula eliminates mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests on contact. Our technicians will come to your property and first give it a full inspection, treating any standing water pools or other potential mosquito breeding sites with larvicide. This eliminates any existing larvae and prevents future larvae. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Then, we get down to business, walking the perimeter of your yard while administering our barrier treatment, working our way inward. We are very careful to avoid flowers and other plants that attract bees, but treat all other foliage and surfaces in your yard, including wood piles, trees, around and under decks, outdoor furniture, patios, etc. After about 30 minutes, the treatment is dry, odorless, invisible, and adhering to all the surfaces to which it was applied.

What happens next is where the “magic” comes in — because our micro-encapsulated formula is time-released, any new mosquitoes or other biting bugs that come into contact with it for the next three weeks will also be eliminated. That’s right — one traditional mosquito spray treatment from us lasts for three weeks, and will eliminate nearly 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard.

For protection all summer long, Mosquito Squad offers seasonal plans for your Martinez GA mosquito control. Treatments are scheduled automatically, and we’ll always call and remind you 24 hours in advance that we’re coming to treat your yard. However, you don’t need to be home when we do. We’ll always leave a confirmation of service so you’ll know we were there. Less worry about mosquitoes and other biting bugs means more quality time spent outdoors with family and friends.

For the heaviest-hitting Martinez GA mosquito control, check out our misting systems!

If you’d like the ultimate control over your yard’s mosquito population, consider one of our automatic misting systems. These are programmed to go off at designated intervals for about 45 seconds at a time, and also include a remote control and app so you have the power to trigger it at the push of a button should you desire. If you live near the water or a heavily-wooded area, we highly recommend misting systems. This method is over 90% effective, and the only way to control no-see-ums and gnats. Installation is very easy for our technicians, the misters will be as “camouflaged” as possible, and the best part is that all refills and other maintenance is handled by Mosquito Squad, so the only finger you need to lift is the one for the button on the remote to release the mist.

Having a party? Keep your guests comfortable with a special event treatment

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, graduation party, family reunion, or other special event this summer, be sure that your guests aren’t an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes. That’s why we also offer special event mosquito control. We want you and your guests to have happy memories from your event, not itchy memories filled with mosquito bites. Our technicians will come out to the site 24-72 hours in advance and treat the entire area with our barrier treatment for your special occasion. Mosquito Squad’s micro encapsulated formula dries within 30 minutes, so it’s easy to schedule and work around caterers and other pre-event preparation. Fewer bug bites mean more happy memories made!

Our all-natural barrier treatment alternative

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, but we know that some people still prefer to avoid synthetics all together. That’s why we developed and offer an all-natural barrier treatment. This formula is made primarily with essential oils, and it’s not an eliminator, but a repellant that “chases” bugs away from your property. Most customers notice a reduction in yard pests by up to 75%. Also time-released, we recommend re-application of our all-natural formula every two weeks instead of three, since its botanical makeup breaks down slightly faster than the traditional barrier treatment.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad is confident you’ll be happy with our products and services, but if there’s any reason you’re not, let us know and we’ll either re-treat your yard or offer your money back — no questions asked. We’re in the business of repelling and eliminating bugs, not customers, so your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Take back your yard this summer while protecting your loved ones from itchy bites and dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Contact Mosquito Squad of Augusta today for worry-free Martinez GA mosquito control all summer long. Give us a call at 706-922-9675 or fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to helping you take back your yard!

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