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Flea Control in Augusta

If you are in the Augusta area, Mosquito Squad of Augusta is the ideal choice for you when it comes to getting rid of biting pests. Aside from protection from mosquitos, we offer protection from fleas for your pets and yourself. The treatment we use is one that is effective and safe. We know that pets spend quite a bit of time outside where the ticks and fleas are found. Aside from being painful, their bites can also transmit such diseases as Lyme disease, tularemia, anemia, skin dermatitis, tapeworms and more.

When you call on Mosquito Squad of Augusta to protect your family from mosquitoes, we can also protect you from ticks and fleas simultaneously. Our barrier protection treatment, that is effective and safe, can be used to eliminate the existing fleas and ticks that live in your yard. Not only can it eliminate adult fleas and ticks, the treatment will also prevent the tick and flea eggs from hatching so that the entire life cycle is disrupted.

We know that fleas and ticks have the power to turn any day of fun with your family into a nightmare. If you are faced with a flea and/or tick infestation that is proving difficult to deal with, give us a call. Our tick tubes and specialized protection treatments will get rid of all of those annoying bugs and turn your yard back into the place of family enjoyment that it should be.

We utilize a combination of techniques for treatment that will eliminate the tick and flea populations from your outdoor haven. It begins with a barrier treatment that is quite thorough. This kills the adult pests in the area. It also serves as a shield that protects your yard from other pests entering the area for the next 3 weeks.

When all’s said and done, your yard will be enjoyable once again. Give the Mosquito Squad of Augusta a call at 706-922-9675 so you can enjoy a pest free yard as soon as possible.

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